About Us

In order for your billboard design to work…

You’ve got to convey an indelible message in seconds!

“Wildly effective billboard design should be the rule, not the exception”

That’s why I created this site.
In my 30+ years of advertising design travels, I’ve occasionally been struck by ingenious billboard designs that speak powerfully to the hearts and minds of prospects. But all too often, I’ve seen billboard design gone horribly mediocre or worse.

DesignMyBillboard offers billboard design that dares to be different. We aim to indelibly etch your message into your prospect’s memory banks, so they naturally think of you the instant they sense a need or desire for what you offer.

In today’s marketing universe, time is scarce, spontaneity rules and…
Attention spans are shorter than ever. And that’s exactly why billboard advertising outshines most other media. Your message is immediate and visible 24/7… there’s NO off switch!

Once you’ve decided to take the billboard plunge, it seems logical to let your outdoor advertising company or ad agency create your billboard design. But that’s no guarantee your new billboard will carve a lasting impression with prospects. Why?

Outdoor media firms and ad agencies try their best but remember…
Busy production artists collect the same weekly paycheck, no matter what they create. And how much they create is yet another matter, with expectations of assembly line output being the norm. What’s their incentive to make YOUR billboard design “the very best” it can be? Why aren’t ALL billboard designs highly successful?

Why DesignMyBillboard? Total recall, focused one-on-one attention and…
Because we 100% guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the design. EVERY job is a custom job and that means our incentive is to create outdoor advertising that works EVERY time. When you hire us, you can look forward to out-of-the-box concepts and billboard designs that stir prospects’ emotions and practically force them to remember your business.

Our laser-focused billboard design process is the difference between ho-hum-forgettable and “OMG! Did you see that billboard on Route 91?” All backed by over 3 decades of advertising design experience.

The bottom line…
Without emotional impact and memorability, your next billboard will stir very few souls to action. Can your business afford a forgettable billboard design?