Dental Crowns: Saving Your Tooth

We understand the importance of taking care of our teeth, and we know that if something happens to our permanent teeth, we cannot naturally grow a new one. This is why we try to do our best to take care of our teeth, however, sometimes we tend to become neglectful and slip up. The problem with this is that we end up with cavities or our teeth can become seriously damaged, and if you have a tooth that is currently really damaged, your dentist will most likely recommend that you get a dental crown. In case you want to learn more about the procedure or if you want to book a consultation with another doctor, you can see what Dr. Auslander has to say on the matter.

Dental crowns are a procedure that consists of putting on a sort of dental cap over your tooth that will end up covering it and protecting it. It is used to hide chipped teeth, make your teeth look more aligned, and to save damaged teeth. If you happen to have a tooth that has a large cavity, is chipped, cracked or is currently experiencing tooth decay, a dentist’s first priority will be to try and save the tooth.

No dentist wants to remove your teeth unless they absolutely have to do so. By placing a dental crown over your natural tooth, you are able to keep your actual tooth protected, and you are able to still use it this way and not have to worry about further damage being caused to your tooth. So, if you happen to have a tooth that is currently causing a lot of problems and you feel like there is no saving it, let your dentist look into the matter and decide whether or not a dental crown will suit your needs.