Factors to Consider While Buying a Portable Water Filter

While being out in the nature for hiking, camping or adventures, you have to have some essential items with you. The most important one is to have a backpacking water filter. If you go on frequent hikes, you are probably already aware of the fact that most of the water bodies tend to have some kind of contamination and it affects how potable the water really is. To be sure that the water is drinkable and safe, it is important to boil and filter out all the impurities.

With the technological advancements, a new invention has made lives of campers so much easier now. This invention is called backpacking water filter, it is portable and helps people in filtering out the water they drink. However, while you are in a camping gear shop and you have just come across a bunch of portable water filters, make sure to consider a few factors before you make the purchase. In case you are wondering as to what these factors are, check them out below.


Since you will be carrying around your water filter, portability is the factor that you really need to focus on. It is important that you buy a water filter that is light weight and easy to carry around. Otherwise it will defeat the purpose of being portable and there is no point in lugging around something that is heavy and slowing you down.

Check The Efficiency

Look up the efficiency of the bacteria and parasite filter before you buy anything. In case you are buying it for the purpose of camping, we’d recommend something with a higher efficiency, solely because the water bodies tend to have a lot of these organisms that could cause diarrhea or dysentery, and you do not want that while you are on a camping trip.